Computer Vision for your Business

Over the past few years, Computer Vision has become a key technology for industry, medicine, security and surveillance, smart city applications and driving assistance

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Our team has extensive experience not only in computer vision but also in other fields such as industrial and service robotics, artificial intelligence, programming of embedded computer systems, control and power electronics and software integration.

Industrial Applications

Computer vision based service robot navigation and docking, structured light sensor for bin picking, CAD-based object pose estimation, hand-eye calibration for camera-manipulator system, camera based product inspection and defect detection, system to assist in the correct positioning of metal parts on CNC machines, measurement and tracking system for metal pipes.

Security and Surveillance

Automatic license plate detection and recognition, face recognition, abandoned object detection, 360 degree object detection sensor with distance estimation, people and vehicle detection, automatic pixelation detected objects, optical detection of smoke and fire, detection of access to restricted areas, motion detection.

Smart City Applications

Optical vehicle and people tracking, automatic detection of abandoned garbage, optical social distance measuring, traffic monitoring system for automatic traffic light control, traffic jam and accident detection.

The story of a 10-year history

COVISYS has been helping its customers solve problems through the use of computer vision for more than 10 years. During this time, COVISYS has established itself as one of the few companies in Europe capable of providing specific hardware/software solutions based on computer vision.

Since its creation in 2011 in Hamburg, COVISYS has carried out projects in Germany, other European and American countries.

10 Years of Experience

Our Services

Taylored Software Solutions

We develop individual and problem-oriented software solutions. We tailor our software in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

Feasibility Studies

We analyse proposed projects based on machine vision and make an evaluation if they are technically feasible.


We provide our expert knowledge in the realm of machine vision to help our customers to find the best technology for their projects.

Software Integration

The fact that we have performed many software integrations over the last 10 years has given us the know-how to integrate our software/hardware with virtually any type of customer or third-party system using the corresponding communication protocols.

Deep Learning Solutions

Deep learning is used in systems that perform detection and recognition of objects or processes. Deep learning is based on the training of data structures called neural networks that learn to recognize through the use of examples. COVISYS performs for its customers both the collection and pre-processing of the images needed to train the neural networks, as well as the validation of the results.

Camera & Sensor Calibration

The use of cameras and other types of sensors such as LIDAR or stereoscopic systems require very precise calibration for correct measurements. COVISYS performs for its customers both the calibration and the corresponding parameter adjustment.

Our Portfolio

CADMatch - CAD-based Clamping Monitoring
CADMatch - CAD-based Mobile Robot Docking
CTrack – Tracking of Circular Objects
MDetector – Marker Detector
MTrack - Marker Tracker
CTrack + MTrack - Load Location with Respect to the AGV's Coordinate System
CADMatch + CTrack - Load Location with Respect to an External Coordinate System
CARTrack - Vehicle Detection & Tracking
OTrack - Non-Automatic Object Tracking
Pixelater - Automatic Object Detection, Recognition and Pixelation
CarID - Automatic License Plate Detection & Recognition
AODetector - Abandoned Object Detector

CADMatch - CAD based Clamping Monitoring

CADMatch is used in this case to verify the pose of a part after it has been mounted for milling operations with a CNC machine.

CADMatch - CAD based Mobile Robot Docking

CADMatch is used in this case to estimate the pose of the object in front of which a mobile robot is to be positioned based on the projection of its CAD model. The algorithm generates the correction parameters that make the robot position itself correctly.

CTrack - Tracking of Circular Objects

CTrack is based on real-time search and tracking of flat circular objects (usually holes). CTrack estimates the position and orientation of these circular objects and can therefore be used in assembly processes using robot manipulators.

MDetector - Marker Detector

MDetector detects and decodes various types of 2D codes (barcode, QR, DataMatrix,...) using images from a camera.

MTrack - Marker Tracking

MTrack detects and estimates the 3D position and orientation of 2D codes (QR code, ARUCO, ...). MTrack is used for navigation and docking of mobile robots, for logistics applications, for flexible assembly cells, for virtual reality applications, for automatic landing of drones, automatic parking of intelligent vehicles,...

MTrack + CTrack - Load Location with Respect to the AGV's Coordinate System

The combination of MTrack and CTrack has been used to locate rolls of paper transported by AGVs with respect to their coordinate systems.

CADMatch + CTrack - Load Location with Respect to an External Coordinate System

The combination of CADMatch and CTrack has been used to locate paper rolls transported by AGVs with respect to external coordinate systems located on the gripper cones of an elevating machine.

CARTrack - Vehicle Recognition and Tracking

This software uses deep learning techniques to detect vehicles, classify them according to their type and follow their trajectory along the camera's field of view.

OTrack - Object Tracking

User-defined object path tracking system.

Pixelater - Object Detection, Recognition and Pixelation

Software application that uses neural algorithms to automatically detect certain types of objects or people to pixelate them for data protection reasons.

CarID - Automatic License Plate Detection and Recognition

Real-time vehicle license plate detection and recognition system. This system works with both static and moving vehicles.

Automatic Abandoned Object Detection

This system automatically detects objects that have been abandoned or that should not be in the image and sends a warning to the personnel in charge of removing them or clarifying their origin.


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